Sheer dresses can be a beautiful on the red carpet, but I always wonder if celebrities take a glance under strong lamps to see what they’ll look like one all the flashing bumlbs and bright lights surround them. Sometimes, the amount of nipple reveal seems unintentional, other times it seems unmistakably on-purpose. In the case of Ellie Goulding’s red carpet dress for Les Mis, I’m going to go with the former:

Entertainmentwise seems to think this was motivated by some sort of desire to “upstage Anne Hathaway” because this is “the only way.” Goulding apparently “went for the shock factor instead as she went braless in her completely sheer white gown – revealing her black knickers underneath.” Personally, I’m not a fan of wearing sheer white with nothing underneath–not because I’m opposed to boob-bearing gowns, but because it tends to muddle the colors. But I think that this likely looked opaque in a mirror with any other lighting than camera flashes, so the assumption that this was some sort of jealousy ploy is… well, ridiculous.

In any case, let’s all allow Goulding’s little sheer show remind us that if we opt for white this holiday season and are planning to take photos that don’t involve nipples, it’s probably best to put on a slip. (On the other hand, if you plan on going literally all-out, I strongly recommend you paint them like peppermint candies for a seasonal twist. It is fun. I promise.)