emilia clarke game of thrones glamour paris cover picture

Game of ThronesDaenerys Targaryen looks beautiful with her silvery hair, but does she ever make one smoking hot brunette.

Emilia Clarke scored the April cover of Glamour Paris, and she looks spectacular in a casual, black, oversized graphic T-shirt tucked into a cute little Balenciaga skirt. The look is accessorized with some badass copper and silver bangles that look like they would be useful in a fist fight, and some earrings that look like upside-down crucifixes, but that might just be an optical illusion.

We’ve seen a lot of Clarke looking like a badass princess on Game of Thrones and like a big damn movie star on the red carpet, but we rarely get to see her look so darn cool. This Glamour cover version of Emilia Clarke is pretty much exactly the person we wanted to be back in high school. (Especially if we got to keep the dragons.)

As much as we love the rocker chic style of her outfit, the hair and makeup are what’s really doing it for us. Clarke has the face of a porcelain doll, and the eyebrows we’ve always wanted. Her full, messy hair makes her look like Kate Middleton at a rock concert, and the soft brown eyeshadow makes her eyes pop like lasers.

Game of Thrones comes back for season four in a month, and we can’t wait. Khaleesi probably won’t be getting a chance to wear her rockstar clothes for a while, but upside-down crucifix earrings are overkill when you’re the mother of dragons.