Emma Roberts grabs a coffee wearing skinny jeans, animal print sneakers and a woolly hat Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 13 Jan 2015 Credit: WENN.comEmma Roberts has great style. She looks great onscreen and on the red carpet. (She looked flawless at the 2015 Emmys in that retro look). Everyone is looking forward to seeing all of Emma RobertsScream Queen looks but we cannot forget about her street style. Emma has mastered how to look effortless but stylish on her off-duty days. That is something that isn’t easy to do.

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Take a look at some of Emma Roberts’ best street style looks:

1. At The Airport, 2015Emma Roberts arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)Featuring: Emma RobertsWhere: Los Angeles, California, United StatesWhen: 04 Sep 2015Credit: WENN.com

Airport style is followed as closely as some red carpets. Emma has mastered how to mix-and-match pieces like a pro with this outfit. She contrasts her sweet yellow floral dress with a leather jacket and studded boots.

2. At The Grove, 2015Emma Roberts out shopping at The Grove with a bright red handbag Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: Los Angeles, United States When: 04 Mar 2015 Credit: WENN.comRemember this outfit for when it gets cooler outside because this is a perfect fall look. Emma takes her striped top and skinny pants to the next level by pairing them with a leopard coat and contrasting red bag.

3. Arriving At An Audition, 2011Emma Roberts

This is how you do modern day bohemian without it looking too granola. Emma’s skinny jeans keep her sheer white embroidered blouse looking fresh and modern. The blouse is also the perfect layering piece for when it’s too hot for jacket weather but too cold to wear just a t-shirt.

4. Out In Tribeca, 2014Emma Roberts out in Tribeca on a rainy day Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 17 Nov 2014 Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

Rain or shine, this is a chic look. Emma looks ready for any Fashion Week with this trimmed coat, printed tights and contrasting blue shoes. She earns extra points because her umbrella works perfectly with her ensemble.

5. Leaving A Cafe, 2015Emma Roberts seen leaving Urth Cafee in Los Angeles wearing a beanie hat, sunglasses and carrying a drink Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 19 Jan 2015 Credit: WENN.com

Mixing sportswear into your look when you’re not at the gym is something we’re seeing more and more of. Emma shows how it’s done with this layered look. She has upgraded her leggings and sleeveless top with funky sneakers, a toque, sunglasses and a sweater tied around her waist.

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6. Shopping On Melrose Avenue, 2014Emma Roberts out shopping on Melrose Avenue with a male companion having bought vintage-inspired clothing at Wasteland Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 28 Jan 2014 Credit: WENN.com

A statement coat is all you need to create an amazing off-duty look. Emma’s faux fur coat is eye-catching and dresses up her regular skinny jeans and boots. Plus, it is probably sooooo soft.

7. Out In LA, 2014Emma Roberts out and about in Los Angeles carrying a bottle of water Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 17 Apr 2014 Credit: WENN.com

This looks like a photo you would find on a style blog. This outfit shows every detail is thought of. Emma’s dark navy elbow patches tie in with the black skirt and bag, and the sunglasses coordinate with the beige sweater.

8. With Evan Peters, 2013Emma Roberts tries to go undetected with boyfriend Evan Peters and her half-sister Grace Nickels, as the group arrives at The Fat Cow in West Hollywood for dinner Featuring: Emma Roberts,Evan Peters Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 24 Mar 2013 Credit: WENN.com

Ankle boots and biker jackets are two staples in Emma’s casual wardrobe. For this look, they add some edge to her green dress. Also note her tiny animal print bag.

9. Out In West Hollywood, 2014Emma Roberts out and about in West Hollywood wearing a full length blue floral dress Featuring: Emma Roberts Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 15 Jan 2015 Credit: WENN.com

This is how you pull off a maxi dress without looking like you’re a human sidewalk sweeper. Emma’s blue floral dress has a slim silhouette. It finishes just above the ankle so she doesn’t have to worry about the hem getting ruined. The studded black boots and round sunglasses add some edge to it.

10. Shopping, 2015Emma Roberts returns to her car after shopping at Urban Outfitters.Featuring: Emma RobertsWhere: Los Angeles, California, United StatesWhen: 28 Jan 2015Credit: WENN.com

Good street style isn’t always about the loudest and brightest outfits. Emma’s all-black look shows that simplicity can be just as stunning. The cuffed pants and the wrapped t-shirt are subtle details but they are as interesting as a zany print or dramatic silhouette.

11. Leaving The Salon, 2011Emma Roberts

Emma may have just gotten her hair done but we’re admiring her outfit as much as her new ‘do. This is another monochromatic look but you wouldn’t call it boring. The white, gray and black printed skirt is striking but not overwhelming. It is balanced out by the plain black t-shirt and gray boots.

(Photos: WENN)