I’ve been a little concerned about Emma Stone as of late. Between her zombie-like American Vogue cover and her frighteningly pale hue at the Spiderman premier, I was beginning to worry that the Vampyre Anna Wintour was slowly but surely draining the life out of her. Thankfully, it looks like Emma has started to come out from under her spell a little bit on the July cover of British Vogue.

While she is making a kind of sexyface she will almost definitely find silly in retrospect, and the Photoshopper was a little heavy handed with the contour and blur tools, she at least appears to be standing up under her own power. And although her hair is not yet back to its full auburn glory, it’s getting there! She’s wearing a sweater that looks like something Emma Stone might actually wear, and it’s all topped off with a cute hat. (I feel like Emma Stone likes cute hats.) And sure, her eyes are smoldering at the viewer in a way that most of her characters would laugh at, but at least they do not appear dead, lifeless, defeated. All in all, I’d say it’s a big improvement.

What happened to bring about these changes? Did she see the doctor and get a garlic prescription for her sudden wasting disease? Or did Andrew Garfield catch onto what was happening and spirit her an ocean away from her thousand-year-old captor? In any case, I wish her a speedy, funny, iron supplement-filled recovery.

(Via Catwalk Queen)

Photo: British Vogue