emma-stone-lanvin-pleather-spider-man-2-premiere-2All hail Emma Stone, ruler of this week’s red carpets! At the London premiere of Spider-Man 2 on Thursday, she stunned in yellow Versace and a bright fuchsia lip. The Old Hollywood vibe worked for her, but last night she went in a completely different direction and showed up at the movie’s Paris premiere wearing a pleather garbage bag by Lanvin, and it’s completely spectacular. We’d actually be hard-pressed to pick a favorite between the two of them.

emma-stone-pleather-lanvin-spider-man-2-premiereThis dress is so spectacular in large part because it’s one of those dresses that doesn’t seem like it should work at all. It’s a weird, weird dress made out of a usually appalling material. Has anything good ever been done with pleather before this? Probably not. But this dress is a definite win. The material, color, and wide, military-inspired belt are inherently edgy, but the dress itself is so artfully and delicately draped that the edgy/feminine juxtaposition is just excellent. She has a goth Audrey Hepburn thing going on here, and it’s sensational.

We even like the shoes with the big ankle bows, and avoiding jewelry was a good choice. Her stunning, super pale skin is more eye-catching than any diamonds.

If there’s a clear winner here, it’s her makeup team. If Emma Stone were to hold a Learning Annex class on how to wear a bold lip, I would sign up and tell all my friends.

(Photos: WENN)