'The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro' - Rome PhotocallEmma Stone isn’t the type of girl that follows the archaic fashion rule book. Case in point: when she wore this poofy black dress with black water wings. There are plenty of style rules that are supposed to help us dress better, but if you’re a redhead, you’ll know that there are 258 more specific rules for you. Some of them are good (sun hats are you friend) and some are not-so-good. The old rule about how ginger-haired girls shouldn’t wear red is one of the annoying things redheads hear all the time. Judging by these pictures of Emma wearing a tomato red dress to The Late Show WIth David Letterman, this rule deserves to be broken.Take a look:

Emma Stone David Letterman Red Dress

To promote her new film, Magic In The Moonlight, Emma chose a short Giambattista Valli dress in a shade of red that nicely contrasted her ginger locks. She also chose a pair of copper sunglasses that brought out the red tones of her outfit, but didn’t look eighties matchy-matchy. Emma topped the dress with a black leather jacket so the look didn’t scream, “RED!!!” I don’t know why she needed a jacket in New York, in the middle of July, but I won’t complain since it looks cute with the dress. Emma also managed to find a pair of nude heels that perfectly matched her alabaster skin and succeeded at elongating her legs.

Emma Stone David Letterman Gray Dress

Ever the fashion darling, Emma did an outfit change and swapped the red dress for a printed black one. She kept on the sunglasses, and leather jacket, so I guess it must have been chilly that day. This is a perfectly nice look, but it seems a like “meh” compared to the vibrant red dress. What do you think?

While this isn’t the first time that Emma has dared to match red clothing with her red hair, I hope that it won’t be the last. It’s much more fun than basic black, plus, I expect Emma to push the style envelope. As this is just the beginning of her Magic In The Moonlight press tour, I have high expectations of what else she has up her perfectly tailored sleeves.

(Photos: Pacific Coast News)