Emma Stone has been having a really good couple weeks when it comes to red carpet fashion. Her wardrobe for the premieres of Spider-Man 2 has been spectacular, from the bright yellow Old Hollywood Versace to the pleather Lanvin garbage bag she wore in Paris, we haven’t seen her leave the house in anything less than a nine and a half for weeks. So it shouldn’t surprise us that she’s actually been gearing up for a big fashion reveal: The May cover of Vogue.

We adore Emma Stone anyway, but after Kim Kardashian took the cover in April, many Vogue readers will probably just be happy that the cover star is not Snooki. On Stone’s first Vogue cover, in July 2012, she was blonde and lovely. This time she has her signature red hair back (even though Stone is a natural blonde, she’s much better known as a redhead). And for some reason they topped her with a series of dorky little hats.

emma-stone-vogue-may-hat-3 emma-stone-vogue-may-hat-2 emma-stone-vogue-hat-1Weird hats aside, Emma Stone looks excellent in her editorial, but the best part is the interview, where she makes reporter Jason Gay take her to Hot Dog on a Stick and the Build-a-Bear Workshop to make and dress teddy bears.

“I want to give my bear skinny jeans,” she said.

Stone seems like a lot of fun. A lot of well-dressed fun, who happens to be BFFs with Lanvin’s Albert Elbaz (who made the aforementioned pleather garbage bag, which looked gorgeous on her).

Normally we’d just chalk her up to being another imaginary celebrity BFF with whom we could pretend to have wacky adventures, but in this case our hopes are up because Stone actually admits to Googling articles about herself.

“I don’t usually like what I find,” she says. “But some of it is really funny.” Like, for example, the fact that Internet jerkfaces have taken to calling her a “bland basic bitch,” which is Stone’s new nickname for herself.

We don’t know who would call Stone a bland, basic bitch, but that sounds like a pretty cool reaction. If Emma Stone has managed to Google her way to this post, we would like to take the opportunity to offer to be her new BFFs. We could go to Build-a-Bear workshop and dress up bears like hipsters as much as she wants.

(Photos: Vogue)