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Last night Emma Watson attended the TIME 100 Gala wearing one of the chicest outfits I have ever seen in my entire life. Seriously, Coco Chanel herself would have to give the girl props for this one. But here’s the thing: I have no idea how to describe what Emma is wearing. The basics of her outfit are obvious–Emma wore tailored gray pants and a black, scooped-back top, both by Christian Dior, and lace-up stilettos–but there was one piece that stumped all of the writers at the Gloss this morning. There was one question that none of us could answer: what exactly is that thing around her waist?

The Red Carpet Fashion Awards called it an “artfully draped grey detail.” I so eloquently suggested that it was “a belted train thing.” Liz and Heather offered up terms like “sash,” “asymmetrical skirt,” and “a chic sarong,” but none quite fit the bill.

Here’s a photo of Emma and the “belted train thing” in question:

ema front

(Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

And a shot from the side:

emma side back

(Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

I have never been so simultaneously confused and dazzled by chicness in my entire life. Emma Watson, you elegant creature, how you befuddle me!

You also need to get a good look at Emma’s beautiful makeup and ear jewelry. (Calling that hardware “earrings” just doesn’t do it justice.)

emma close up

(Photo: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Lots of lashes, a red lip, and a strong brow go a long, long way. Also, I love what’s happening in her ears. Those ear cuffs and Emma’s Eva Fehren bracelet add real edge to an otherwise entirely classic look.

So, now’s your turn to tell us: what exactly is Emma Watson wearing around her waist? Do you like what Emma Watson is wearing around her waist? Educate me in the comments below, would you?