Emma Watson looked casual but chic while leaving a Santa Monica restaurant with her friends this past weekend. An especially tough trend to pull off, the mixed print thing calls for a gentle touch, and Hermione has it. The scarf’s round blobs works well against the shirt’s black and white stripes, and the neutral colors of her purse, skirt and shoes don’t fight with the already exciting blue/black combo. I know we love Emma’s red carpet style, but it’s nice to see that her in something she had zero help picking out. Also: something casual, like what I imagine she’d wear if she and I were friends, and we were going out for brunch together to nurse our hangovers with spicy bloodies and talk about our crushes. (Call me.)

Her friends are looking pretty spiffy, too:


Random observation: her female friend looks like a non-obnoxious cross between Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne. Dicusss.

(Photos via ONTD)