New York Premiere of Paramount Pictures' "Noah"

God damn, Emma Watson is pretty and looks good in clothes. There has been some office debate as to whether or not she is actually a talented actress, but there’s no question that she is very, very good at wearing clothes.

Last night she came out for the premiere of Noah looking simultaneously chic and modern while looking exactly like an old Hollywood starlet. That’s a tough look to crack.

The Old Hollywood vibe comes from her posture and that spectacular Oscar De La Renta gown. The boat neck, satin fabric and bracelet sleeves give it a distinct Audrey Hepburn feel, and the ankle-length hem in the front is refreshing in a sea of starlets in too-long borrowed dresses. Then there’s a tiered train that’s positively Victorian, and we will never not love a big, impressive train.

New York Premiere of Paramount Pictures' "Noah"

Love the reverse deep-v, messy hair, and lack of jewelry. With a look this striking, nobody needs jewelry.

This is pretty much exactly the look we wanted for prom, even though we didn’t quite manage to pull it off. We wish we had, though, because this is the sort of look one would be proud to show off on the Internet 20 years later. “Look how classy and dignified I look in a gym full of spaghetti straps. And look how artfully disheveled my hair is, when everyone else has Prom Hair. I was totally très fashion even as a teen.”

New York Premiere of Paramount Pictures' "Noah"

Her makeup is perfect. We are definitely going out to pick up an orange lipstick when we are done with this post, even though we know it will not go well.

(Photos: WENN)