What’s better than a new magazine cover with Emma Watson‘s gorgeous, stylish face plastered on it? A magazine edited by Emma Watson. Somebody’s been reading my dream journal and trying to make me pass out with joy.

The actress got the chance to work with Wonderland for their February/March issue, and besides looking stunning on its two covers, she also served as a guest editor. Emma’s section features an impressive cast of style icons and fascinating people– from her friends/idols J.K. Rowling and Lena Dunham, to her directors Sofia Coppola (The Bling Ring) and Darren Aronofsky (Noah), to our fave Lorde and our imaginary boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Coincidentally, that’s also the guest list for my birthday party. All my best buds.

emwatson twitter

If you need an extra shot of adorableness, she kept the social media sites up to date during the whole editing process. You can see a couple of behing-the-scenes pictures on the Wonderland Instagram page— and don’t forget about her too-cute tweets: “Being an editor… Not totally easy eh?” We feel your pain, girl.

wonderland instagram

Emma wears Dolce and Gabbana on one cover (right) and Prada on the other (left), and I can’t decide which I like more. Both seem to capture different parts of Emma’s public persona– on the former, she’s girly and laid-back with a tiara perched on her head, and she’s proper and feminine with a mod-inspired hairstyle on the latter. Both looks are gorgeous enough to hurt your eyes if you stare for too long. This isn’t the first time she’s looked remarkably adult and classy in a widely distributed shoot (remember her unbelievable spread in W a few months ago?), but I think these might be my favorite Watson covers to date. Which one do you like best?

Oh, and since I did such a good job of refraining from making Harry Potter jokes this whole time, you owe this one to me: She looks levios-awesome. (Sorry, Emma. I literally had to.)

Via Fashionista / Photos: Instagram