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Denim jackets are a Fall transition staple. Everyone and their mother owns a denim jacket, and rightfully so. But sometimes, just a simple denim jacket, or denim in general, really, can be a bit blah and just doesn’t do your outfit justice. That’s where lapel pins come in.

Forget Hot Topic and Spencer’s, and get in with the designer, handmade enamel pins that are so much better than the ones you stuck on your messenger bag back in middle school. As you can tell, I’ve gone a bit overboard with the list, but I feel like this just has something for everyone, from ’90s-inspired to food to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Here are 40+ pins that you need to be putting on your denim jacket ASAP.

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’90s Leonardo DiCaprio Pin (Rose Hound Apparel, $6)


Frida Kahlo Enamel Pin by thefoundretail (Etsy, $9.75)il_570xN.818298945_h4hh


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pin by StaticTVco (Etsy, $12)il_570xN.792756855_ekbu
Bill Murray Enamel Pin by AmyBlueIllustration ($Etsy, $14.30)il_570xN.819874655_ptgi


Beyoncé Pin (Georgia Perry, $14)Pin_Beyonce_web

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Food & Drink

Avocado Love by Miguelarrue (Etsy, $10)il_570xN.818785895_kfpu


Rosehound Apparel Coffee Cup Pin (Victoire, $7)coffeepin_1024x1024


Hot Sauce Lapel Pin (Strange Ways, $8.99)


Ice Cream Enamel Pin by PinClub (Etsy, $9.54)il_570xN.816236096_9c3k
Pizza Pie Enamel Pin (Greenwich Letterpress, $12)pizza-pie-enamel-pin-480px-512px

Black Popsicle Enamel Pin by MartaRyczko (Etsy, $11.64)il_570xN.800483062_9q0u


The Studio JFISH Burger Lapel Pin by StudioJFISH (Etsy, $10)il_570xN.801700547_4hm8
Donut Enamel Pin by FeltGoodCo (Etsy, $10)il_570xN.812702573_m7oa

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Flamingo Lapel Pin by TropicalBoy (Etsy, $15)il_570xN.794400399_e2py


Enamel Cat Lapel Pin by ilikeCATSshop (Etsy, $11.13)il_570xN.785138849_pxq4


Geometric Bear Brooch by SketchInc (Etsy, $15.90)



Corgi Pin by PaperPlants (Etsy, $13)il_570xN.800241685_q00p

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Hands & Things

Fingers Crossed Pin by AlishaLucia (Etsy, $4.66)il_570xN.815158741_4erg


Lucky Blue Eye Enamel Pin by CoucouSuzette (Etsy, $12.77)il_570xN.806119603_20gp


Tiny Tooth Pin by Hooptedoodle (Etsy, $7)il_570xN.785484706_m3pt


Tween Enamel Lapel Pin by NightCheeseLifestyle (Etsy, $12)il_570xN.814618547_bfyk


Nail Salon Peon Pin (Big Bud Press, $15)nailsalon_handjacket_2048x2048

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Feminist Enamel Lapel Pin by WordforWordFactory (Etsy, $11)il_570xN.796699806_2zqj


Not You Pin (Rose Hound Apparel, $6)notyou2


There Better Be Dogs Tombstone : Soft Enamel Pin by monstersoutside (Etsy, $8)il_570xN.755676975_t7zd


Cool Story Bro Enamel Pin Badge By LukeDrozd (Etsy, $7.16)il_570xN.788493207_8tqh


Good Vibes Only (PinTrill, $12)GoodVibesOnly_final_large


Okay Lapel Pin (Strange Ways, $9.99)pin_gonnabeokay_d5aeb701-3dfd-47f4-b9d2-48d2d0b814ac


Same Old Story – Enamel Lapel Pin by WordforWordFactory (Etsy, $10)il_570xN.823628403_7eyh


Think First Lapel Pin by AsildaStore (Etsy, $7.50)il_570xN.800639981_oguy

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Emojis & Internet Things

LOL Label Pin By Will Bryant (Valley Cruise Press, $10)LOL_SML


Middle Finger Emoji Metal Enamel Pin by BruisedTongue (Etsy, $5)il_570xN.750498006_j8dz


Net Neutrality Enamel Pin (Tumblr Merch, $8)Tumblr_IndividualProduct_NNPin_2x


BFF Label Pin (Valley Cruise Press, $8)

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Speech Bubble Brooch by Rubygirl (Etsy, $48)


Coco Black Lapel Hat Pin by BeanIt (Etsy, $14.66)il_570xN.657979879_i289


Cactus Pin Badge by PeasandNeedles (Etsy, $7.84)il_570xN.811176548_ewew


BROKEN HARD Gold Lapel Pin Brooch by Penelope Meatloaf (Etsy, $8.50)il_570xN.800336001_7ni7


F Bomb Enamel Pin by Weaponsofmassdesign (Etsy, $9)il_570xN.805666339_hnaf


Lipstick Pin (Georgia Perry, $14)Lipstick_W


Geometric Heart Enamel Pin by anatomicalheartart (Etsy, $11.50)il_570xN.806450617_3p5r


Enamel Paper Airplane Pin (City of Industry, $12)b-airplane


Pin Play Sneaker – Cream (PinTrill, $15)Commedesgarcons_cream_copy