Esquire compiled the ubiquitous fashion trends resolutions to help you guys out this new year. I’m going to go through them with all of you to break them down a little bit.

john-varvatos-oxfordsEMBRACE THE NEW — don’t be afraid to try out new colors, new styles and new choices. A lot of brands have been reinventing their contemporary line to make them look more modern. You can do classics and still look in-time, so to speak.

RESTOCK THE BASICS — nothing is wrong with shopping to add more into your basic collections like button-down shirts, ties, etc. And to keep up with the first one, try getting some new colors too.

WEEKEND WEAR UPGRADE — if your lifestyle requires weekend wear, which basically is a smart casual wear when seeing friends and families, you might want to think of upgrading. Khakis with colored polo shirt, a light coat and canvas sneakers would be nice.

DRESS SHOES — 2 is apparently not enough. Buy another pair just to keep you sane and comfortable that you won’t be looking all haggard with a pair of worn out dress shoes.

MTM SUITSMTM means made-to-measure. So save yourself and invest in a made-to-measure shirt that will keep you stylish and comfortable in nay occasion you’ll find yourself in this year.

SHOP AT SAKS — venture out into SAKS. Thanks to it’s expansion and revamping, SAKS now has affordable clothing with great quality of course. It’s about time don’t you think?

BLACK WATCHES — black watches don’t get the love and respect they deserve. Get one for 2010 to look chic and distinguished.

TRAVEL IN STYLE — just because you’re always on the go doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the stylish travel essentials and accessories. If you think 2010 means more traveling, then by all means invest in good quality travel bags, suitcases, and wardrobe of course.

WEAR TIES — not just at the office. Try to make more effort in the casual attire by adding a necktie. It wouldn’t hurt, no?

SEVEN-FOLD-TIE — since upgrading for 2010 means incorporating neckties a lot, maybe it’s time to own a seven-fold-tie this year. Here’s a reference of how seven-fold-ties are made.

5 additional 2010 Style Resolutions can be find at Esquire that I’m sure everyone will benefit from.

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