Spring is in bloom.

Spring is in bloom.

As much as the winter is great for layering and cuddle up in down jackets and cashmere mittens, the spring, after all those months, is a welcomed change. You finally get to put away those L.L.Bean boots, the five wool socks you wore with them everyday, and sweater dresses (are people still wearing those?) are but a memory — until November comes around again, of course.

Although the weather is getting warmer, it still isn’t as warm as it will be in July. It’s amazing how brilliant that sentence was, so it stays. But the point is, spring calls for some essential pieces to get us from winter to summer — the two most extreme seasons of the year. It’s also a chance to break away from our blacks and greys, and go a little lighter in the color department.

All of the following photos are from J.Crew unless otherwise noted. I’m not suggesting you become a J.Crew fan, but these are just examples of pieces that will make your transition into spring oh-so stylish. If you want to rock black wool all year round, then go for it; I salute you.

Photo: Glamour via PaperBlog