Etsy weekend shopping… When I was a kid, my sister’s favorite thing to dress up as for Halloween was a gypsy. She would pile on all Mom’s necklaces – the two best being a blue bead and leather necklace and a choker with hanging strands of faux gold coins. We thought the look was so cool.

I found a grownup version that my sister would love today.  The Holly Lynne shop at Etsy has a coin-charm bracelet made with coins from around the world including; Yugoslavia (1984), Slovenia (1998), France (1990), Slovenia (2000), and Argentina (1987). This is the rich gold version.

Gypsy Coin Bracelet – gold

This handmade charm bracelet is made from a length of geometric, bubbly circle chain. It features five different gold toned coins as charms, all of the heavier metal variety rather than lightweight aluminum or tin.

There’s also an antiqued silver version with coins from Equador (1991), Uganda, Yugoslavia (1988), and Ghana. Both bracelets are 7.5 inches in length.

Gypsy Coin Bracelet – silver

Image credit: Holly Lynne