Italian fashion glossy Amica features former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria on the cover of their July 2012 issue.

…Problem is, this looks absolutely nothing like Eva Longoria. They’ve bleached her to hell and back. It appears as though her lips have been placed at random on her freakishly chiseled jaw. It goes without saying she’s been digitally slimmed a few sizes, too. Mark Liddell is the photographer at least partly responsible for this hatchet job, easily the worst Photoshop disaster we’ve seen since Redbook‘s house of wax.

As for a minor complaint, we’re guessing that’s supposed to be some sort of alluring, exotic fruit in her hands, but it kind of just looks like a spoiled potato.

As a refresher, here’s the actress in Monaco on the 14th of this very month:

A completely different human being with human proportions and human skin and human features.

Then again, her eyelashes look way more realistic on the Amica cover.

(via Amica, image of Longoria via Wenn)