Khloe Kardashian

I know, you’re all sick of Kardashian news, but this little story really grossed me out and I felt obligated to share. In order to raise attention for herself money for her husband’s charity Cathy’s Kids, Khloe Kardashian is auctioning off her workout clothes on eBay. So, in the event you’ve ever wanted to own a celebrity’s bra that she sweat in once upon a time, now’s your chance — but you’ve got competition, apparently.

Kardashian is selling the gear on her eBay page to benefit Lamar Odom’s organization, which helps underprivileged kids in urban centers like New York City and Los Angeles. It also raises funds for cancer research, according to the charity’s website.

Now, why Kardashian can’t just donate thousands — if not millions — of dollars she makes purely by being famous for being famous, I have no idea. Oh, wait, yes I do: because this makes her look better and it requires very little effort. The sad thing is that while many of these items will be auctioned off for more than they’re worth, they will still not fetch even close the amount of money she receives for just one or two public appearances. But instead, she’s acting as though auctioning off these will suffice:

The other sad thing: people likely believe that by purchasing from this auction, all proceeds will be going to this charity and those it helps. However, the eBay site mentions nothing of how much money goes directly to the organization — meaning she can donate however little she wants to. And given the Kardashians’ history on such subjects, I am hardly hopeful.

All moral factors aside, why do so many people want to own a Kardashian’s workout clothes, i.e. the clothes people get the grossest while wearing? Because the world is creepy, and the creepy people in it love to own things other people have sweat in, among other bodily, uhm, exertions. (Seriously, I had a friend who sold her one-worn underwear for over $100 a piece. People are weird.) Granted, the website says that the garments, unless otherwise noted, will be dry cleaned. Nevertheless, while I’m no germaphobe, I don’t think I’ll be sticking to my own sports bras and other workout gear rather than some celebrity’s whose hygiene habits I am blissfully unaware of.

Photos: & RumerFix