Apparently Stefano Gabbana is not a fan of faux-leather sandals and roomy, burnt-sienna knitwear.  After the Dolce & Gabbana designer’s Twitter friend asked if he was a fan of Stella’s, Gabbana replied, “who??????” which is a strong move (that can sometimes be really, really awesome) but is still some pretty hardline Mean Girls shit.

Only, it gets way cattier: the exchange continues with the friend (weirdly) defending her “minimalist sequined dresses,” but Gabbana won’t have any of it and concludes by calling McCartney a “non-entity” who has spent 15 years “doing nothing.”

Humor Chic offers a “roughly translated” transcript of the exchange between @stefanogabbana and @fabioviscovo.

Fabio Viscovo – I LOVE Stella McCartney!
Stefano Gabbana – who ??????
Fabio Viscovo – ahahaha! You don’t like Stella McCartney?!
Stefano Gabbana – Who ????? The daughter of the singer ?????
Fabio Viscovo – Yeeees! Stella McCartney, the designer !!!!!
Fabio Viscovo – Stefanoooooooo, please !!!!! You don’t know Stella’s a stylist ?????
Stefano Gabbana – What’s she known for?? What’s her specialty??
Stefano Gabbana – What sort of style does she do? What’s so special about it??
Fabio Viscovo – She makes a lot of minimalist sequined dresses… … .. they’re really feminine. They’re perfect for a nude look!
Fabio Viscovo – Come on! You’ve just got to have seen them! And although she’s really famous … she’s still an upcoming designer!
Stefano Gabbana – Yeah, she’s upcoming after 15 years doing nothing!! Hahahaha
Stefano Gabbana – Aaaaaaa …… I see you appreciate nonentities!! Bravo!

Bonus Nastiness
Such undermining is nothing new for McCartney, who–after taking over the helm as creative director at Chloé–famously endured this diss by Karl Lagerfeld: “I guess they wanted a name. Unfortunately, they chose one in music, not fashion.” This is why we call him Chemical Burn Karl.