We may have forgotten to mention this because between hating Carrie Bradshaw and hating vintage it’s easy to get distracted, but Crystal Renn looked great at the Chanel Resort show. Even our friend (because he is everyone’s friend even if you’ve never met him) Andre Leon Talley thought so! ALT remarked:

“Lagerfeld had cast the show with a slightly more curvaceous model named Crystal Renn, not seen on any Chanel catwalk before. This in itself was groundbreaking for the house, but there was also the return of personality models encouraged to be themselves instead of robotic look-alikes.”

That’s not surprising coming from Andre given that he has ocassionally felt pressure to lose weight himelf. And I’d love to believe that it’s true that we’re returning to the days when models had distinct looks and personalities – though I find myself having a hard time naming a plus-sized model other than Crystal Renn who walks runway shows. That said, hopefully she’ll pave the way for more.