Last night at a benefit for Habitat for Humanity sponsored by Ferrero Chocolates, I got to meet Olympic gold medal winning figure skater Evan Lysacek (you might also know him from his successful stint on Dancing with the Stars). Evan’s costumes for the Vancouver Games were designed by Vera Wang. Now, Lysacek and Wang are collaborating on an upcoming menswear line, which Lysacek describes as his “new passion.” He also made an exception and did exactly one womenswear item – a dress inspired by the iconic Ferrero Rocher chocolate packaging. He spoke with The Gloss about design, skating, and his personal style role model.

If you could only wear clothes by one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Vera Wang, no question. I love Vera’s style, and I love how she’s constantly changing – new countries, new aesthetics, new inspirations. She’s changing all the time.

Vera’s a former skater. Do you think that makes her a better designer of skating outfits?

You have to be able to bridge the gap between style and sport. It’s part of your packaging as an athlete, and that packaging is really important for success. But you also have to know about stretch, how things fit. Skating fashion hasn’t changes a lot through the years – that’s why people had such strong reactions to my collaboration with Vera for the Olympics.

How did you get interested in fashion?

I saw Vera work, and I saw what goes into current clothes, the fashion and the design.  It gave me insight into a whole new world, and I really wanted to do menswear.

You made an exception for this Rocher dress, though. Can you tell me about your design process?

It’s inspired by the Rocher packaging. My muse was the holiday wrapping. It has gold leather, tulle for the layers on the skirt, and chocolate-brown velvet. It’s up for auction on the Rocher website starting on Wednesday, and the money goes toward Habitat for Humanity.

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