Ayurvedic skin care: the hot new way to achieve natural, gorgeous skin. A form of alternative health, ayurvedic products are becoming increasingly popular. And with the movement of incorporating natural elements into skin care and beauty routines comes a barrage of companies and products hoping to make their way into your bathroom.

I’m willing to try anything in the name of beauty, people, let’s face it. I love being able to run to Target and pick up a cheapo cleanser, but I also like the allure of using natural salon-quality products to achieve the best skin I can have. So when I had the opportunity to try the Sakala Ama Release Tonic by DoshaCare, I was all over it. Here are my thoughts:

What this tonic claims to do: Purify the pores of congested skin and combat blemishes. Sounds good to me.

How it works: This light liquid tonic (feels like you’re rubbing water on your face) is 98% botanical and organic. It gently exfoliates the skin (no little scrubbies or bursting balls here) to reveal a brighter, more even complexion. This is something those of us with acne scars or blotchy skin can really appreciate.

Key Ingredients: Of course, you’ll find the standby Salicylic Acid in this product, a definite must for any acne product. But in addition, you’ll find Ginger, which stimulates circulation and helps remove toxins, and Lime, which works as an antiseptic and astringent to clear oily skin.

It’s even good for the environment: You might look at this tonic as a “green” product of sorts since it is of a natural origin, contains many organic ingredients, is biodegradable, imparts no testing on animals and is packaged using recycled materials. Impressive.

Final review: All these benefits sure sound all well and good, don’t they? But the bottom line is that this product does live up to the hype. I’ve used it both as a spot treatment on a problem area (jawline) and as an all-over add-on (both are suggested uses by the company). What I found was, indeed, a brightening of my look overall and a minimization of the trouble area along my jawline. I am convinced that regular usage of this tonic would produce even greater results.

Where to find the Sakala Ama Release Tonic: You can snag this tonic for yourself for about $32. It comes in a 1.7 fl oz bottle, which, considering how little is necessary for use, is a great deal. Purchase this at:

  • www.doshacare.com
  • Apothia at Fred Segal
  • Chopin Chemists in New York
  • Laser Solutions in Beverly Hills

Of course, you can find a slew of products on the DoshaCare site that are completely customized to your skin type. If acne is not a problem for you, no worries. There are formulas for all types of skin. Enjoy!

Image: DoshaCare.com