I know I bring them up all the time, but I DO love Old Navy.  I really do.  I think even more than The GAP, and more than Banana Republic.  The prices at Old Navy are *always* just right and you can get really nice, chic items that don’t look cheap,  yaknowwhatImean?

I just bought (jeez, I really need to slow down on my shopping as of late–right) their new rubber/blend metallic flip-flops.  Got both the gold and silver.


They’re great.  Word is Old Navy changed up from their foam slippers to a new rubber/blend combo for their flip-flops this year.  Why the change?  Well I read a few complaints online about their previous foam ones, and buyers weren’t too impressed with the foam model.  And, I’m thinking Old Navy wanted to go the Havaianas route (Havaianas are fully rubber and super comfy.  I’ll admit they’re great too–will post about those another day :)

Next up on the Old Navy list we have the Stretch Sateen Ballet Flats .


It is my new flat.  They are PERFECT for when your pedicure is not in top shape *clearing throat* and you’re too lazy to re-fresh the pedi (what?  My son keeps me busy.  Yes, that’s my excuse!)  You slip these on and they make ANY outfit casual or summer fancy look perfect.  Price?  $19.50.  Yep.  That’s it.  They also come in purple, grey, and brown.

Now this one I’m mad about.  I paid $68.00 USD for my Dolce Vita gladiators earlier in the spring, remember?  But I noticed  Old Navy has an eerily similar pair for how much you ask? 19-flippin’-50!!!  As in $19.50!!! They’re also available in brown and gold.  *Steaming*  Arrrgggh!


I’m TOO mad that I didn’t wait.  I’m always bragging at how I find great deals, but clearlyyyy I missed the boat on this one.  Meh.  It’s all good, y’all get to benefit, so get on it!

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(All images courtesy of Old Navy.com)