The writers over at Vogue UK got all excited this morning after finding the “identical twin” of the famous cupcake handbag from the second Sex and the City film. Apparently, they’ve been searching for it for quite sometime and were all giddy as school girls would be, after being told their crushes likes them back, thanks to this awesome discovery.

The bag, which I don’t remember at all, probably because I was drinking martinis out of a Nalgene bottle while I was in the theater, is by Judith Leiber and can be yours for the bargain price of £3,950 at Harrods. It’s not cheap to have a cupcake bag that’s covered in fancy beads and crystals, in case you didn’t know.

But just because you’re not rolling in the dough, it doesn’t mean you should go without your own cupcake bag. Here are some cupcake bag alternatives until you hit the Megabucks, which, according to any good psychic, is obviously going to be next week.