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These days you’re not a real celebrity until you have your own fragrance and your own clothing line. Country singer Faith Hill, who is a pretty big star, is sort of disgruntled about the fact that nobody has invited her to come over and play in the fashion yard. In an interview promoting her judging gig on last night’s Project Runway finale, she said:

If the right opportunity presents itself, I can guarantee you it would be my passion, and I would put my heart and soul into making it the best it could possibly be. I would design for the women I know and their kids … busy moms with great style.

DO YOU HEAR THAT, EVERYBODY? FAITH HILL WOULD LIKE TO DESIGN THINGS SO SOMEBODY SHOULD HURRY UP AND ASK HER ALREADY. I mean, hello, Amanda freaking Bynes had a clothing line, and nobody even knows who she is. Amanda Bynes was sleeping with the dude who does the voice of Stewie on Family Guy, for chrissakes, and Faith “I’m so blonde and wholesome and pretty” Hill does not have her own fashion line yet! Helloooo, potential investors. She was on Project Runway! Just like Victoria Beckham! Who has clothing lines! And a fragrance! Is anybody listening?