I just don't understand.

I just don’t understand.

What people find fashionable can run the gamut. There are those who think that tattooing their face is all the rage and others who think it’s OK to wear leggings in public (I’m looking at you, Sam.) Personally, I find neither to be fashionable or even remotely easy on the eyes, but fashion is what you make it and definitions of it are vast.

So what about braces? Would you consider them fashionable? Or were you like me and cried for the three years I had them, begging my mom that if I should die with them still on, she’d have them removed because I wasn’t taking that shit to the grave? If you’re an Asian teen you might be crying because you don’t have them.

For reasons the world can’t explain, teens in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are dropping $100 for fake braces. Why? Because braces are the newest and hottest fashion trend out there, that’s why. Not only are they trendy, but they’re also a status symbol. To get the real deal, you’d have to pay $1200 for a mouth of metal, so the black market ones at just $100 are practically a steal.

Although there are downsides to having fake braces like, oh, I don’t know, chocking on wires that come loose and just overall being a pain in the ass, it hasn’t stopped the teen population in those countries from going crazy over them. With the recent death of two Thai teens, there’s now a $1300 fine to anyone caught selling them, but still even that hasn’t stopped the demand.

Maybe this is showing my age, but if this became a trend here in this country, you better believe I’d steer clear of it. I’ve been down that road once; I don’t need to do it again. I just wish it was cool to be a metal mouth when I was 12; maybe I would have been popular or something.


Photo: John Leung/Shutterstock