"Ill-begotten hoodies for all!"

There is only one Hollister Co. in the whole of Ireland. If you’re like us, you’d say that’s one Hollister too many. But, plenty of people really like shirtless dudes in darkened mall bungalows, so an enterprising 27-year-old man in Ireland named Max Kulczynski decided to fill that hole in the market: he began offering the full body spray and shadow experience in his very own fake Hollister.

Kulczynski set up a replica Hollister store in the back of his home in County Clare Ireland, over two large rooms filled with branded men’s and women’s clothes, in addition to fashion by other mall stalwarts like Aeropostale. The Irish Independant reports that the “west Clare shop had been fitted out in an attempt to replicate a standard Hollister-branded store,” which we take to mean pumping house music and palm trees.

Kulczynski’s methods were also surprisingly straight forward: he bought the clothing from a Hollister store in Florida and shipped it back to his home, where he began selling it… without a license, obviously. When authorities busted the shop on May 18, “eight cars were parked outside, with 14 customers inside.” Nearly 600 items were seized, with an approximate value of 10,000 euros.

Abercrombie & Fitch (which owns Hollister) is apparently not seeking damages now that the goods have been returned.

(via HuffPo)