Fashion Week is over, and Fashion Week never makes me think of anything as much as I think of very sore feet. It’s also the beginning of fall, which means it’s time to stop getting pedicures and break out the closed-toe shoes.

1. Easing high heel pain

92824efe6ee7b081a5173caab3526a7dI once found a pair of these inserts in a swag bag at fashion week, and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

2. Protecting your legs and feet from blisters

c0a69af72cebeeee245321a4a0e082d7If your new fall boots are rubbing your feet or behind your knees, applying Moleskin to the affected areas of your legs will help prevent blisters. This is the only stuff strong enough to break in something tough like riding boots or dance shoes.

3. Upgrading your basic ballet flat

e659702deab5365e6551d6c9584d368bThese lace tips are way cute, and super easy to do. As an added bonus, they’re a good way to get new life out of your scuffed-up pair of flats from last year.

4. Fixing chopped-up heels

1c5d30af2c9849a41fea328fe837c608I am cursed with the magic ability to step the heels of my fanciest shoes right into every single cracks in the sidewalk. It’s a disaster. Here’s one way to cover up your chewed-up heels.

5. Fixing scuffed shoes with nail polish


If you can find the right color, this is one way to help fix up your scratched shoes.

6. Waterproofing your shoes

This will come in handy when it starts raining again this season.

7. Cleaning suede

fa55a3d8d0d6e15f696a6bcd8bc09e64I have like 12 pairs of shoes that need this sort of attention.

8. Deodorizing shoes

326e44c8f854a9a0416771d37c6dbfc4We can all use this one.

9. Faking socks for open-toed shoes

624c44911b0cd62f0ee97bd93b6cbf06This seems like the best idea ever. I can’t believe I only just learned about it.

10. Blocking blisters

2ddb2b75e33b3dc2a1722c4c3638a5d0Rubbing this on your feet prevents you from developing blisters. Clear deodorant reportedly works the same way.

11. Stretching out tight shoes

21a02a4401adcec89b44934d9ad2d12fTo stretch out tight shoes, carefully put a bag of water in them and put them in the freezer. The freezing ice will stretch the shoes for you. This one is great because you can spot-fix the shoes if it’s just the toes that are too tight, for example.

12. Breaking in new shoes

5433eedf43a2201294a8ab37f60821a7To break in new shoes quickly, put on thick shoes and blast them with a blowdryer. Once they’re warmed up, just wear them around until they cool down.

Photos: Pinterest