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There are a lot of New Year’s Eve traditions that I love (champagne, sequined dresses, making a resolution to eat fewer cookies which I break at 1 AM once dessert is served) and some that I don’t (those stupid horns, terrible live performances on the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve special, broken resolutions). As a single girl who spends her holiday with both couples and fellow singletons at a holiday party year after year, one tradition I’d love to do away with all together is the concept of the New Year’s Eve kiss.

Look, I’m not going to hate on anyone for smooching their significant other once the ball drops — that’s adorable, as long as you keep it PG because, hi, we’re all still here. But there’s all of this pressure to find someone to kiss when the ball drops that the moment where it actually happens can be slightly stressful. Like, do I lean in and kiss my friend who is totally platonic right when the ball drops? Should I have planned ahead and scored myself a New Year’s Eve date? I just don’t want to deal with the pressure when I should be toasting to the New Year and scanning the room for the cookie plate.

So, to all you couples out there, you are welcome to keep your kisses — and, to my not-so-into-the-kissing-thing pals out there, here are four new “traditions” we should totally impose for the next New Year’s Eve party.

Do A White Elephant Swap 

Everyone at the New Year’s party brings a small ($10 at the most) wrapped gift. It should be something that nearly anyone could receive and use — think candy, scented soap, a DVD, etc. When the ball drops and everyone yells “Happy New Year,” go to the nearest person and exchange your white elephant gift.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

Snap The First Pictures Of The Year

Designate one person as photographer — if that person can get their hands on a Polaroid instant camera, even better. As soon as the ball drops, have the guests create their craziest poses for their first pictures of the New Year.

Unwrap Fortune Cookies 

Everyone wants to know what lies ahead of them in the New Year, so why not start the year off by giving someone a fortune to hang on to? Get a ton of fortune cookies from a Chinese takeout shop and put them in a bowl. After the ball drops have everyone crack their cookies and read their fortune. (You could also like, Google your horoscope for a similar effect, but somehow this seems more fun. You also then get to eat the cookie).

New Year’s HUG!

Unlike kissing, everyone can hug anyone, regardless of relationship (or mono) status. So instead of smooching this New Year’s, take the pressure off and have everyone hug the closest person next to them. Because after all, isn’t celebrating with friends the best part of New Year’s Eve?

(Yeah, maybe next year I should find a date.)