Coco ChanelNo matter how personal your personal style really is, we all take inspiration from stylish people whose images we’ve seen splashed across silver screens and glossy magazine spreads. There are no exceptions. Even if you think you have a steez all your own, your outfit ideas didn’t just come to you out of the void! There are no original ideas. A smart person said that. Your High School English teacher should have broken that news to you years ago.

Your sartorial panache was probably inspired by a number of fashion role models from your granny to the classic set of style icons we’ve seen listed a thousand or more times. The women on the list of influential fashion icons we hear about over and over again are on that list for a reason. You know you love at least one of them! Whoever your favorite style idol is definitely says a lot about your personality. Let’s go over some of the most obvious fashion icons of the 20th and 21st centuries to see what your muse says about you. If you don’t see your particular inspiration on here, find someone similar and judge yourself…

Marlene DietrichMarlene Mimic

When it comes to your style, you take details and make them sing. Whether you’re wearing menswear or a big frothy gown, everything is going to be perfectly thought out. You spend a lot of time getting particular outfits to be perfect. Just make sure you don’t go too over the top or you’ll look a little Lady GaGa. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Jacqueline KennedyYou know that anyone who calls you “basic” is probably a tacky trendoid who needs to step away from the fast fashion warehouse. You like to invest in classic pieces and you know that power of simplicity. Sometimes you act a little fusty and uptight. Would it kill you to relax for a minute?Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday Sings

Anyone on the planet who calls a flower tucked behind the ear their “signature look” without crediting Ms. Holiday is not giving credit where credit is due. If you’re knowingly influenced by Billie Holiday, everyone can already tell based on your ability to balance sexiness and subtlety. Skip the flower once in awhile.

TwiggyTwiggyYou’re a daring dresser who is willing to take any silhouette, pattern, motif or makeup up a notch. You let your outfits speak for themselves–your body is a canvas. Sometimes you can be a little heavy handed with the eye makeup. Bettie Page

Fun and sexy as you may be, you probably get a little corny. There are ways to be influenced by pin ups and bondage without being too overt about it. Find a balance to avoid looking like a cartoon. 

Josephine BakerBaker's FeathersIt’s all about the accessories for you. You like big fascinators and sparkly necklaces and earrings out to there. You’re easily distracted by shiny things, but you know how to keep other’s attention.

Kate MiddletonThe Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 16

Sure, you look good, but you never take any risks. You look just like every other put together woman. Spice it up! Try messy hair or kooky accessories. Life’s too short for a constant rotation of nearly perfect sterility.Pam GrierYou dress so sexily and powerfully! You’re terrifying to those who can’t see your softer side. Rad. 

Debbie Harry You can pull off anything from a slinky gown to a ratty t-shirt. Everything looks damn sexy on you, just try to remember you aren’t a rockstar and your styles should be venue-appropriate. Like, don’t go pants-free to work.

Audrey HepburnPortrait Of Audrey HepburnWell aren’t you sweet? Maybe a bit too sweet. Even if you’re a bit too twee and saccharine, people don’t give you enough credit for taking risks. Sorry.

Nicki Minaj2014 MTV Movie Awards - ArrivalsEveryone is shocked by how good you look when you tone it down. When you’re constantly playing with color, texture and wacky looks, the most shocking thing you can do is make jaws drop with a moment of elegance.

Diana RossThe Supremes Arrive In LondonI dare anyone to try telling you what to do or what to wear. If you want to sparkle, you sparkle. If you want to show skin, you show skin. You’re freaking supreme. 

Diane KeatonYou can wear ties and little hats without looking like a doofus. Everyone gets it, you’re quirky. We’re on board. 

Eartha KittKitt's CatsYour casual looks are on point and your nighttime looks are all showstoppers, you’re purrrrrfect and you know it. 

Jane BirkinJane BirkinYou like to keep it simple and balanced, but you have to watch out because what looks classic to you can look boring to the untrained eye. Everyone likes ungapatchka nonsense these days. Who needs them? 

Grace JonesYou make looking wild look easy, because you don’t have to try hard. Too bad other people think you’re a little freaky;they’re probably horseback riding Kate Middleton wannabes anyway.

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