It’s hard to find the right online clothing stores.  No matter how well you choose your keywords, a google search can turn up all sorts of weird sites you weren’t looking for.  I know — I spend hours each week sorting through search results for women’s fashion.  That’s why I’m providing you with this quick reference list of 10 places you can visit right now to shop for clothes (the information in parentheses indicates shipping areas):

  1. (worldwide)
  2. Banana Republic (Unites States and its territories)
  3. BlueFly (worldwide)
  4. Boston Proper (United States via website; worldwide via phone, fax, or mail)
  5. Chadwick’s (United States and its territories)
  6. (worldwide)
  7. Delia’s (worldwide)
  8. (worldwide)
  9. Dresses Online (worldwide)
  10. Fashion Bug (United States and its territories)

You can find more lists of online clothing stores by visiting the category: the list.


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