I just spent the entire Memorial Day weekend wearing nothing more than a salsa-and-beer-stained string bikini, flip-flops, and a smile. And while this is perfectly acceptable backyard grilling attire (at least in my family), the height of summer fashion it is not. Now, left with tan lines, a hangover , and ballooning beer belly, I think it may be time to have a serious conversation with myself about summer fashion. I’m talking serious hot weather fashion. Like hot, humid, 100 degree, make-up melting, foot-on-the-pavement-burning, frying-an-egg-on-the-hood heat. Just because it is hot, doesn’t mean you have go out looking sloppy in flip-flops and t-shirts or skimpy in barely-there mini dresses. (Although, if you must chose, I much prefer the latter- slutty trumps sloppy any day of the week in my book.) Anyway, fortunately, there are many options for looking cool and fashionable in hot weather, so you will not be faced with such tough choices.

1. Covering up to stay cool

Wearing loose fitting, long-sleeved shirts and pants in the blistering heat will keep you looking chic and sheltered from the sun. I’m just going to come right out and say that I’m unsure about this one. However, I read it multiple places on the Internet, so it must be true. Also, after just witnessing the amazing 2.5 hour fashion orgy that is Sex and the City 2, I have seen some pretty stellar examples of this theory put into practice. One honorable mention from the film was SJP’s harem pants. (Just when you thought they were out, she pulls them back in), Also, the various silk shawls and tunics the ladies wore whilst prancing around “Abu Dhabi” [actually, Morocco because you can’t really run around half-naked in Abu Dhabi] could definitely be added to your wardrobe for a touch of modesty and flair.

2. The Little White Dress

In case you’ve missed it, the LWD is the LBD for the summer. As we all know, black absorbs heat, and white reflects it. So it makes sense that the white is the new black for summer. It also looks hot with a tan. The main drawback of white is that it stains, so consider trading in the Pinot Noir for Pinot Grigio, which you should be doing anyway, cause you know, … summer.

3. Wear natural fibers

Fibers like cotton, linen and silk breathe easier and will keep you cooler. This one is pretty straightforward.

4. Always wear sunglasses

Ok, so I can’t prove that this will keep you cooler when the temperatures soar. I just have a hunch. When you are not squinting you are more relaxed and less likely to work up a sweat. Posssibly? Ok, I don’t know, just wear sunglasses in the summer because they will protect you from UV rays and keep you from getting as wrinkled. Isn’t that enough?

5. Move the scarf from your neck to your head

Scarves scarf tied around your head can help to absorb sweat and, depending on how you tie it, can also keep your hair off your neck. For added relief, try dunking your scarf in icy water before tying it on. Hey, it works for soccer players, it can work for you.

6. Think about sandals

Personally, closed-toed shoes make me crazy during the summer time. However, flip-flops are way too casual to wear unless you are hanging at the pool or beach. Consider some pretty sandals that are not only both comfortable, but that can also be worn with dresses. I recommend something with a little platform. This gives the shoe a little elegance and gives your poor feet some support. I find flat shoes can sometimes be more painful than high-heels. Currently, I’m rocking these Campers. Highly reccommended.

7. Short Pants

I’m not talking capris here. I think capris may have run their course for the time being. I’m talking about slacks cropped just before above the ankle, like these Manor House Trousers from Modcloth. Loose fitting, cropped pants look cool and offer a little more ventilation than their full-length counterparts. Also, they are adorable. Pair with traditional Keds, sandals, peep-toes or loafers. Cuteness.

8. Rompers

Are rompers still in this season? Who cares! I know you still must have them because everyone was wearing them last summer. I for one adore them, and they are comfortable, precious, and very easy. They have the comfort of shorts will a little bit of the formality of a dress. They are the perfect option for summer. Rompers are here to stay. (I hope.)

9. Sundresses

Ok, this one is a duh. But I had to reiterate. Dresses are beautiful, feminine and make you appear to be dressed up even when you aren’t. You don’t have to match or coordinate them. Slip on a dress and sandals, then go. Boom. It doesn’t get any better than that. Enjoy it.

10. Wear a hat

Glamourous, practical, mysterious. Win. Win. Win.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. It’s only June and I’m burning up!