I love working out. Love it. It makes me feel good, look good, relieves stress and puts me in an awesome mood. Why is it, then, that I exercise only about once a month on average? Well, it could be because I am lazy. Or that I am too busy with work. Or that I would rather spend my evenings sucking down pints of Blue Moon instead of waiting in line for a free elliptical machine. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. But I think I found a solution for chronic exercise avoidance: New clothes, duh!

A new sports wardrobe may be just the thing to kickstart a new workout regime. When you get a new party dress, you can’t wait to wear it out. Perhaps the same is true with workout gear? Let’s hope. Or else it’s gonna take James Franco guest teaching coed naked spinning to get me motivated again!

I have culled a selection of the cutest workout clothes out there, tailored to your individual sporting need. I in fact, have never played some of these sports, but being suitably intrigued by the options for gear, I may take some of them up.