Summer weddings can be glorious affairs. But you know what can ruin them? You. That’s right, your fashion faux pas may be the one dark cloud looming over your friend or loved one’s most special day, not to mention that it will haunt you on Flickr and Facebook. So please, heed this advice. And trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

6. Don’t have tan lines.

I know it is the summer, but this is a formal affair! Tan lines are tacky and distracting and will take away from the rest of your pulled together, polished self. Plus, how is your friend’s wedding ever going to get featured on The Knot or Martha Stewart Wedding with your multi-colored cleavage refracting all the magic-hour sun?

Do plan.

Listen, I’m not suggesting you must fake-and-bake or spray tan. That would take care of the tan-line question, but would present you will a whole host of others (cancer, orange skin, a desire get into fights and make out with muscle heads in hot tubs).

Instead, to get that all over tone, I suggest spending the summer frolicking topless on the beaches in the south of France making sure Jean-Luc applies the sunscreen evenly and often on your semi-naked body. However, I understand this option may be a little hard to swing for many of us.

Therefore, we have a third option. This one is called the ‘common sense choice.’ If you have a halter swimsuit, wear a halter dress. If you have a strapless swimsuit, wear a strapless dress. Ya dig?

5. Don’t wear the same dress to EVERY wedding you go to.

I know we don’t all have the budget to go off and buy a pretty dress for every formal occasion, but this is a pretty serious offense. This phenomenon used to only be a problem with celebrities, but now that all of us are celebrities amongst our own groups of friends on the Internet, we cannot be photographed in the same outfit over and over. It is simply gauche.

Do try to borrow dresses.

We should do as the real celebs do. Cameron Diaz doesn’t run out to the mall every time she has an event to go to. And she certainly doesn’t rewear dresses from past events. No, when Cam has an Oscars or a Kid’s Choice Movie Awards coming up, she waits for someone to send her a lovely dress to wear for the evening.

I know, designers may not be currently be sending you dresses before your cousins wedding in New Jersey this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a shiny new designer dress delivered to your door for the occasion. Why not try Rent The Runway? Just request and invite for the site, and voila, you have access to rent a dress from top designers for any occasion. It’s simple. You check out the site, select the dress you want to wear, and boom, it is shipped to you for your special day. You can show up to that wedding wearing a $2000 dress that you rented for $100. Worth it? Um, yes.

4. Don’t wear flip-flops.

I shouldn’t have to even mention this one. Flip-flops do not belong at weddings. Full Stop. I don’t care if it is on the beach, I’d rather see you go barefoot than wear flip-flops. I don’t care if the flipping BRIDE is wearing flip-flops. You can’t. Ever.

Do wear shoes you can walk and dance in.

A at the end of a formal event, many all of the women eventually take off high-heels and dance barefoot. Fine. But I would like to delay this moment for as long as possible, at least until the photographer leaves. Try shoes that have a moderate heel, with some kind of back strap.

3. Don’t wear black shoes

Please do not wear black shoes in the summer, especially closed-toed black shoes. They do not look good with light colored dresses. They don’t look good with prints that don’t involve black. Sure, they go with black, but you probably shouldn’t wear a black dress to a summer wedding. The jury is still out on this one, especially for black tie, that’s why ‘no black dress’ did not get it’s own category. Still, even if you must wear black, spice it up with a different color shoes. Anyway, please don’t wear black shoes. Buy some gold, silver, or brown strappy sandals. This is what one should wear to a summer wedding.

2. Don’t wear a casual dress.

This sort of naturally follows #3. Even if it is a casual wedding, please wear a little more than a flimsy sundress. Two people are committing to spending the rest of their lives together. All you have to do is not dress like you’re at a picnic for 3 hours. Deal with it.

Do wear a bright dress in an appropriate fabric.

Try to stay away from cotton dresses that look too casual. Try not to wear taffeta, or someone may confuse you for a bridesmaid. Wear something that you would not wear to a friend’s barbeque or to work. Just wear a party dress. Bold, solid colors are nice for summer weddings. So are dresses with good patterns.


Duh. Just don’t do it. Your day will come, until then dress cute and flirt with the cater waiter and the photographer.