I received a package in the mail the other day that I am afraid to open. It’s still sitting there, right on the kitchen table, and what’s inside may or may not be the answer to all of my jean-related prayers.

About a month or so ago I read about Indidenim.com, a company that lets you design your own jeans on their site and then constructs them to your exact specifications. Sick of the hours spent shopping and trying on jeans that never fit quite right, I decided to try it out and see if I could do a better job than Hudson or 7 for All Mankind. But now that the holy grail of denim is sitting right in front of me on that table, and I just can’t bring myself to open the box. After all, what if I finally get everything I ask for in a pair of jeans- mid-rise, skinny leg, straight ankles, a soft-dark wash- and I still don’t like them, then what the hell am I going to do? My dissatisfaction with the current jeans on the market-that is what led me to scour the internet late one Saturday night looking for alternatives, so I feel like these jeans may be my last shot at denim happiness. I guess I could always switch to khakis.

While I stall and put off my inevitable satisfaction of trying on these jeans, let’s go step by step through the process of creating the perfect jeans.The IndiDenim site is nice, clean and easy to navigate. The styles look very cool and promising, and the process is very thorough, if a bit tedious at times. They ask a lot of questions and they really want to tap in to what you want, even if you don’t quite know, or can’t put it into words. But this luxury and service doesn’t come cheap. The lowest end jeans start at $145 and the price increases with fabric upgrades and special add-ons. However, if you are used to shopping for premium denim, these prices shouldn’t scare you. It’s about what you would pay for other high-end jeans, but if you consider that this company is only producing one pair of a particular design at a time, then it is actually pretty impressive that they can be made this cheaply.

The journey begins with selecting a cut from the four options: slim fit, relaxed fit, trouser fit and plus fit. After selecting slim fit (my recommendation, because it is by far the chicest of the options) something called the jeans launcher opens up. Your jeans are placed on a virtual mannequin and you are ready to get customizing. Now it gets fun. I suddenly feel like I am a little girl with paper dolls, or a gamer dressing up my second life alter ego. It’s fun feeling in control, which is not usually how I feel when I am shopping for jeans.

The next step is choosing a fabric. You are provided with high quality photos and detailed descriptions. Of course, all the really cool fabrics are about $15 extra. But hey, if you want the perfect jeans, they should be, well, perfect.

After the fabric, you will choose the rise. Now, this was the part I was waiting for. I am so sick of low-rise jeans I could puke. Sure they were fun when I was a teenager with a flat tummy and a job as a lifeguard at the local pool, but now I’m a professional woman! There is nothing less professional than a muffin-top or worse, visible bellybutton and/or fat rolls, amirite? Yes I know that there are higher-rised jeans on the market now, but I implore you to find a good pair of highish rise jeans that are not boot cut. It is really hard. For some reason designers always put these 2 together. It’s always skinny jeans/straight leg, or high-rise/boot cut. It is infuriating. Can’t I be fashion conscious and a little body conscious at the same time?! So I promptly selected the high-rise and then the skinny leg. I also threw in a button fly for kicks.

The next steps are the selecting the little details you probably never think about. How big of a hem? what about a back pocket design? A coin pocket? I mainly just glided through these choices quickly, haphazardly selecting the little details and finishing touches.

Then comes the sizing. This is where they get down and dirty. They ask for every size imaginable. Pants, bra, dress, etc. Then they ask for exact measurements. Then, to make absolutely sure they will fit (there are no exchanges for obvious reasons) you select your body type from a selection of illustrations.

When you are all finished with your selections, you can add your designs to design vault, which is a gallery of designs that other people an puruse and order from. I named mine “The Brookie” because that’s what people call me and I really couldn’t think of anything better.

So now is the moment of truth. I need to try these jeans on and see how I did.

Ok, the legs of the jeans are fitting waay tighter than I imagined. I was so concerned with getting the waist and length right, I really didn’t think to much about leg width. I guess when they say slim fit, they mean, well slim fit. As I walk around a bit they are starting to loosen up a bit. Ok, maybe these will be okay. The waist is perfect: High rise, not too tight and not too loose. The length is hair on the short side, but ultimately pretty close to perfect. The wash is dark and a nice shade of blue.

Verdict: Pretty Great. Highly recommended.