Now that the winter is behind us, we are spared the burden of having to look for head accessories that serve some sort of practical purpose like keeping our heads warm and dry. We are now freed up to focus on the glamour, the frivolity and the decoration of our hats, clips and headbands. Ok, so some summer hats can help shield your delicate face from the sun, and I guess that counts as practical, but don’t hold that against them. These summer accessories are all about fun.

1. The Sweet Bow

The “Bow With the Flow” hair clip from Modcloth could be an excellent feminine touch to your wardrobe. At first blush I was a little skeptical of this hairclip, as it looks like it could have been ripped off the head of an unsuspecting sister-wife or first-grader, but I think it has real potential. Wear it clipped in to a loose braid or in your topsy-tail as shown. You could also go the ultra-romantic route and clip it into a side braid. I wore this style in grade-school and I think it’s ripe for a comeback.

What to Wear it With

Working this bow into your outfit is a delicate balance. Too much floral or flowing fabric could land you smack in the middle of prairie territory. I recommend pairing it with a sleeveless or strapless sundress that is not to long. Look for small prints or solids. Steer clear of stripes, lest you run the risk of looking like a gender-bending toddler.

2. The Sassy Bow

This is the summer of the hairbow, and if girly and flirty isn’t your style, then this one is about as edgy as you will get. The Cheap Monday Elsa Bow is affixed to a headband making it easy to slide on and stay put. Use this bow to dress up a plain old bun or twist.

What to Wear it With

I think there is a lot you can do here. Wear it with a little black dress, little white dress or a little polka-dot dress. Wear it with jeans or cutoffs. Wear it with a high-heels and a mini-skirt. Just don’t wear it late to dinner.

3. The Casual Floppy

This Staring at Stars Short Brimmed Straw Floppy walks the line between casual and elegant beautifully. Great for all hair types.

What to Wear it With

This versatile hat provides enough shade to be worn at the pool or beach, yet its short brim lets you get away with wearing it in the subway or while driving without getting in your way. It will look chic with both your bathing suit or sundress. Also try wearing it to dress up jean cutoffs and t-shirts.

4. The Glamorous Floppy

With its wide, floppy brim, this Chain Floppy Hat from Topshop is a much more elegant choice than its shorter brimmed cousin. Wear this in St. Tropez or Coney Island, or anywhere you want to add a dash of sophisticaton to your summer attire. Wear your hair down or in a sleek low bun. For added mystery/ sun protection, opt for big shades.

What to Wear It With

Wear this hat with gauzy beach cover-ups, sophisticated one-pieces and dresses of any kind. Please no shorts or flip-flops.

5. The Cowboy, Baby

Wear The Cutout Straw Cowboy Hat to show the world you are ready to party. Let your hair down, put on some aviators and don’t forget your bottle of MGD.

What to Wear It With

Bikini top and shorts. Possibly a sweet floral sundress.This hat is fun, but I really can’t see it working outside of a beach/pool/barbecue environment. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

6. The Summer Fedora

Sport this Woven Fedora from Urban Outfitters to add a cool attitude to your look. Warning: This is the kind of hat that people take off your head at parties and wear around all night because they are drunk and think that it is funny.

What to Wear It With

If you want to venture down the summer menswear road, you could pair it with a vest or a suspenders and shorts combo. Or wear it to take the edge off a super-feminine dress or skirt.

7. The Multi Layers of Irony Trucker Hat Revival Hat

This Toddland Mustachio Trucker Hat from Fred Flare warmed my little Generation X/Y cusped heart. It’s a mustache! On a trucker hat! Brillz.

What to Wear It With

Insert played out hipster stereotype here. No seriously, wear it with whatever you want. This hat is funny.