“Put a belt on it.”

That is the one phrase I see every single day on Fashism.com, the community fashion advice site that I run. The belt, it would seem, is the silver bullet of fashion advice. As humans, we are naturally curious about the waist to hip ratio. Research shows that our health, our attractiveness and even our intelligence are all positively correlated to this magic WHR number. So it is only natural that we humans want to define and even embellish our waistlines. Yet, so much of popular fashion is designed to obscure the natural waist. Baby doll dresses, trapeze dresses, drop waists, Empires—all of these cuts are deemed by many to be flattering to certain body types. But are they? I am going to go out on a limb and say that, for the most part women, no matter what their size shape, should dress for the natural waist. But before I cast other all these styles aside, let’s go through the 6 most common waistlines.[ITPGallery]