fashion-books-memoirsIt’s the season of fashion books. Alexa Chung‘s doodle-filled memoir, It, came out this week to middling reviews at best. (The Daily Mail called it the most vacuous book ever written, while The Guardian‘s critic called it a “dopey collage of a book” and “a missed opportunity.”) But don’t let that turn you off fashion memoirs. The fashion world is full of literary efforts that are informative, entertaining, and sometimes even thought-provoking.

Honestly, the fashion memoir is one of my favorite genres. I collect fashion books practically as a compulsion, and the dishy insider memoir is one of my favorite airplane or long-train-ride books. In spite of the weak reviews, I’m almost guaranteed to pick up Chung’s new tome at some point, because I really do want to see her doodles and hear what she thinks about having a handbag named after her. (I bet she thinks it’s great.)

But there’s more to a fashion memoir than just being written by someone with an insider’s perspective on the industry. A good fashion memoir should be clever, have a unique voice, and teach you something you didn’t know about fashion. These seven titles should fit the bill.