Simon Doonan once said that a designer has to have a look. If the South Park guys can’t make a recognizable caricature of you, he says, you haven’t fully brought your A-game.

Luckily many designers have accomplished just that, which makes them excellent candidates for a fashionable Halloween costume. To make it extra fun, tap some of your friends so you can assemble your own Fashion Designer Avengers for Halloween. Just pick your favorite designer, and assign the rest to your friends in order of how much you like them.

To give you a head start, we’ve assembled some tips for you on how to make easy fashion designer costumes for halloween with just some things you probably already have at home and a few cheap accessories from Amazon or your local costume supply shop.


Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld is the easiest fashion designer to copy, because his look is the most iconic. Get yourself a George Washington wig from any Halloween store and pair it with dark glasses and a black tie. For the jacket, you can go with sequins or flat black. Fingerless motorcycle gloves and a haughty demeanor finish out the look. Add a stuffed Choupette if you want an excuse to buy yourself a stuffed animal.


Donatella Versace


If Gina Gershon can do it, so can you. Make sure you have some candy cigarettes, a long, blonde wig, and all the eyeliner in the world. Spend the weekend watching Maya Rudolph‘s amazing Donatella impression on SNL. Then find yourself a shiny gold prom dress on Amazon or eBay (this one is from Amazon). Don’t worry if it’s not real Versace. Pick the cheapest one you can find; it won’t be any worse than the “Versace” in the recent Lifetime movie.



Valentino-halloween-costumeThis costume is all about the stuffed pugs, so just start out being extremely tan and wear any suit in your wardrobe with some dramatic sunglasses. Accessorize with at least one pug, but honestly the more pugs you have the better. If you can get a friend to dress up as your pug minder, get him or her a butler costume and another 10 stuffed pugs to complete your look.


Betsey Johnson


Betsey Johnson just seems like the most fun person in the world. To dress as her this Halloween, just get yourself a blonde wig and a bright tutu to wear over leggings. If your blonde wig doesn’t have bangs, even better! Just cut some in yourself and they’ll most likely stick straight out from your forehead the way hers do. (To get them nice and flat you’d have to apply heat.) This is a fun and easy costume, and the best part is you’re halfway to a Cyndi Lauper costume for next year.


Marc Jacobs


Get yourself a flesh-colored bodysuit or one of those hilarious “muscle chest” shirts for Halloween, then draw your own tattoos all over it with fabric markers.

If you want to duplicate Marc’s tattoos exactly, you could draw them on your computer and print them out onto transfer paper, then iron them onto your costume. But at this point I’m not even sure Scott Campbell knows exactly how many tattoos Marc Jacobs has right now. Get the stars on the shoulders right, and everyone will recognize you.

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