This week on Fashion Disasters, we’re featuring two singers known for their unique style: Lady Gaga and Aerosmith‘s (former?) frontman Steven Tyler. Let us begin:

American Idol crazy person Steven Tyler was spotted vacationing in Hawaii this week wearing… camouflage swimming briefs. We’re of the opinion that camouflage is almost always horrible, so the fact that it was cradling Steven Tyler’s genitalia didn’t help matters. Add a few piles of fratty mall jewelry and you’ve got yourself one Grade A Fashion Disaster.

Next we have Lady Gaga, who performed in Manhattan for New Year’s Eve and was spotted leaving the stage post-midnight in a vintage Chanel pantsuit… a truly heinous vintage Chanel pantsuit:

She looks like Donatella Versace secreted all over Hillary Clinton. Plus, she’s wearing one of her ugliest wigs ever.

Who gets the title this week?

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