Very stiff competition in the Fashion Disasters category this week. What with the recent Chanel-sponsored event at the MoMA the other day, we saw all kinds of bad decisions. Just before that, we saw another fancy party at a museum, with mostly mixed looks. But! There’s also a wild card in play this week. Let’s check out the competition, shall we?

First off, Sarah Jessica Parker:

Yes, SJP wore a sleeveless overcoat. But, you may be saying, a sleeveless overcoat? That already doesn’t make sense! How about pairing it with an ill-fitting evening gown?

But she wasn’t the only actress to wear Chanel poorly. Enter Blake Lively:

Busy, stuffy, stiff, a riot of heavy, mismatched textures, eighties detailing (the buttons! the belt!), paired with brown (?) tights and ribbed booties. And because Lively loves subtlety, she piles on the bracelets and earrings.

Next we have Kirsten Dunst:

Serious fashion types tend to just love Rodarte anywhere, anytime. Sometimes, we do that. Other times, we just don’t get it, as is the case with this billowing, tiered, aqua tent.

But, we said this week saw some stiff competition and we meant it. There’s a reality TV star in the fold!

This is our wild card at the UK Premiere of Breaking Dawn:

And really, how can you compete? UK “glamour model” and reality TV star Lauren Pope shows ’em how poor taste is done: with neon orange skin, an entire seasonal collection’s worth of MAC product and a one sleeved scarlet gown featuring a side slit that… doesn’t end. And is that a solid gold seatbelt at her waist?

Now we must vote!

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(All photos via Getty)