Sometimes, I think that famous actors are bombarded so constantly with expensive clothes, fashion-forward clothes, and in-character clothes that there comes a point in time when they just can’t think rationally about day-to-day style anymore. That’s when they turn up at Starbucks in an evening gown, or at the beach in the summer wearing sixteen layers of designer sweaters.

I think the most recent victim of this phenomenon might be Brad Pitt, shown here at the movies with his kids in London. Money is absolutely meaningless to him, so he’s always got that very expensive highlight-to-sneaker look going on, but with a grungy, dirty twist. Sometimes it works. Here, it fails miserably.

The trousers are wrinkled and way too big, like something I would have worn in high school when I briefly believed myself to be a club kid, despite the fact that I never went to clubs. Below that, a pair of sparkling white sneakers suggest that Pitt hasn’t even looked at his feet, but rather let one of his assistants shove on a pair of something new, which may well be discarded (or given to a charity, the Jolie-Pitts are known for their generous contributions) at the end of the day.

I’ll grant that from the waist up he looks presentable, but from the waist down he looks like a suburban teenager under the mistaken impression that khakis can be hip-hop.