Looking at this photo of Kristen Bell, Christina Aguilera and Cher at the London premiere of Burlesque is making me tired.

My eyes hurt, I’m a little stressed out, I think I need to sit down and have some juice.

I kind of feel like I’m being unfair to Kristen Bell here, because yeah, her oddly printed frock isn’t by any measure a “disaster” in its own right, but standing next to Christina Aguilera and Cher, Kristen isn’t helping matters.

Since space, time, prior obligations and mental health do not afford me otherwise, I’m just going to pick out the worst things in each outfit.

Kristen: The fit is awkward.

Christina: I know you have to be relentless and overwrought in everything you do, but usually dresses are intended to cover the chest, not emphasize its exposure.

Cher: Because everyone loves you, Cher, all I can say is… I’m going to find something nice to say about your outfit here because you are an icon. So, let’s see. If I have to say something complimentary here I’ll go with… Um.

Believe” was a really great song.

Seriously. Who doesn’t love “Believe”?

(Photo via People)