All right, it’s sharing time. Let’s share some things:

I fucking hate bandage dresses. I think they’re tacky, I think they’re ugly, I think they’re awful. I think they’re worn primarily by mostly-untalented semi-actresses who show up to events in order to be photographed and thus keep their careers above water just long above to continue being photographed (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D, exhibit E, etc). They are not inventive, original or interesting.

Not only that, but Kat Von D’s is just plain inexplicable. A shoulder baring version with sleeves? It’s like she’s fucking with us. Why put demure sleeves on a dress so tight and impractical I can actually see how thoroughly she’s chewed her last dozen or so meals?

The shoes are whatever.

And as for her accessories, poor taste doesn’t get much poorer than Jesse James.

(photo by Splash via Zimbio)