Katharine McPhee walks the red carpet in sneakers for NBC

Katharine McPhee stepped out this weekend for an NBC Universal event, hitting the red carpet in a jumble of extremely tired trends (that’s a mullet dress, bra-showing sheerness, ombre hair all in one look). No matter; staleness doesn’t really qualify celebrities for a fullblown fashion disaster–and we’re not sure McPhee qualifies as a celebrity.*

Then you get to what the lovely ladies over at Go Fug Yourself refer to as a “scrolldown fug,” wherein the top half of an outfight is great/good/unremarkable and then you get to dreadful pants, a weirdo hem or hideous shoes. Again, we’re really not sure this is Fashion Disaster territory so much as, “Why are you doing that?”

But it brings up an interesting point: are sneakers on the red carpet ever a good idea? It’d be one thing of McPhee was like, “Fuck it, I don’t feel like participating in the whole stupid celebrity machine today, I’m going to wear what I want,” but that’s just not the case, because McPhee almost certainly worked with a stylist to select her look, sat through an hour or two of hair and makeup and did all the usual stuff marginally famous people have to do before walking the red carpet (manicures, spray tans, cleanses). This isn’t a rejection of Hollywood shallowness, this is a fashion statement. As such, we have every right to ask, “Isn’t it a stupid one?”

Kristen Stewart doesn’t feel that way, obviously, (and we’ll even give passes when the sneakers complement the rest of a look) but this just seems like someone trying to seem low-key and effortless… exclusively from the shins down. Moreover, the outfit makes no sense. Then there’s the matter of all those past-their-prime trends.

At least, we suppose, she’s not wearing a peplum.

*Though she was on Community, so we’ll give it to her this time