I give Kim Kardashian a lot of shit. Most of the time, it’s not really based on what she wears, because Kim Kardashian wears the same fucking thing to every event: something ultra tight, something that bares too much thigh, too much cleavage, too much everything, and usually something blindingly shiny, tacky, busy, etc.

Really, any time I hail her a Fashion Disaster, it’s not because I expected better from her, it’s because no one else wore anything legitimately shitty that day, and Kim Kardashian wore something. I’d wager the after the nuclear apocalypse, zombie Kim Kardashian will be showing up to the launch of a fish mutating in a dress made of radioactive waste that’s 2 sizes too small.

So. Here she is. At a Silly Bandz party. And for once, I’m not bagging on Kim because Kim wore yet another tight, short, tacky mini.

This time I’m bagging on Kim because her dress is fucking hideous. It looks like someone huffed a bunch of paint and tried to make a Pocahontas costume out of memory foam for the school play.

(Photos via People and Backseat Cuddler)