Where to begin?

Kardashian showed up at a basketball game in Miami today wearing this. This.

She rocks the usual fainted-into-a-Mac-counter face veil, so let’s overlook that for the time being.

She is wearing a fur sleeve. A single fur sleeve. If that weren’t confusing enough, it’s got feathers coming out of it. Beneath that we have the phoned-in suede thigh high boots.

Points, though, for ditching her usual pageant hair for this weird high braid. It looks painful, frankly, though the shape is pretty weird, so that’s… something.

But that sleeve. I cannot get past that sleeve. Maybe on a more outré
fashion character like Gaga or, I don’t know, Johnny Weir, I’d be cool with it. But on Kardashian, I’m wondering: is it a shrug or part of her turtleneck? Is her other arm immune to cold? Was it made from a bird/bear hybrid or stitched together from a bunch of animals like some regrettable patchwork craft project?

The only time a fur uni-sleeve is appropriate is if it’s all you’ve got for a Halloween costume so you tell people you’re the “Second Amendment.” Otherwise, you’re the clueless reality TV star sitting courtside dressed like a Berenstain Pigeon.

[Photo via Daily Mail]