Here is Leighton Meester at a party for Harry Winston in NYC last night.

Normally I think Leighton Meester is the red carpet winner of the Gossip Girl cast. She’s beautiful, she’s a risk-taker, and she usually looks like she’s having a bit of fun.

This time, her mischievous expression seems to be communicating, “Look at this. Look at how fucking ridiculous I look. I dare you to put me on a Best Dressed round-up this week. I dare you.”

I know see-through pants are a thing right now, but I’m still slowly, begrudgingly coming to terms with harem pants, jeggings and leggings-as-pants. So I cannot get behind these lacey sheer pants.

I’m usually a sucker for lace but I wasn’t a huge fan of this Marchesa jumpsuit on the runway either. I am definitely not a fan of it on Leighton Meester. She’s done everything she can, too: super pretty handbag, hot shoes, understated but glamorous accessories all around. Her make-up is on point and her hair is relaxed and gorgeous. But she still looks like an oversexed French genie.

[Photo from Glamour]