Lily Collins seen leaving the Ivy in London

We have an informal policy at The Gloss that, when writing fashion criticism of specific people, we keep scrutiny aimed at red carpets. After all, the way stars dress at premieres is deliberate, cultivated, often openly and obviously provocative–in other words, it’s meant to be consumed by the public. Alternatively, off-duty celebrities should be able to buy groceries in jeans/sweats/hoodies just like the rest of us–and they shouldn’t have to worry about dickhead fashion bloggers making fun of them for it.

…But there are a few exceptions. While going out to dinner is a nice, private thing that everyone’s entitled to, going to dinner at insanely scene-y clubhouse restaurants so heavily trafficked by celebrities that a row of paparazzi just permanently parks outside is a little different. Sorry.

Such was the case last night when Mortal Instruments star Lily Collins dined at The Ivy in London–an OG scene-y clubhouse restaurant that inspired the notorious LA famous person glue trap of the same name.

Also, this isn’t the sort of outfit you just wear to dinner, not expecting to be photographed:

Lily Collins seen leaving the Ivy in London

Let’s quickly parse what’s wrong here (before any emotionally unhinged 13-year-olds catch us!):

-yet another crop top.
-a mismatched “POP! OF! COLOR!” clutch
-extra dark ’90s lipstick (which she seems to do exclusively?)

But worst of all

-they-warned-us-this-day-would-come-but-we-did-not-heed-it leather sweat pants.

And now we have to run away before the tweens get us!

(Photos via PCN)