I feel like sort of a dick for this one, because the dress that Miranda Lambert wore to “the Grammy Nominations Concert Live” (a dubious event title if ever there was one) isn’t a disaster in and of itself.

What takes this from “yikes, that is one ugly dress” into “was she high?!” shock and awe is just how uncomfortable she looks.

Granted, I too would be uncomfortable if I showed up on the red carpet looking like a matador that wanted to feel pretty and so took my weirdest cocktail dress and folded it up and cut random pieces out as if trying to make a snowflake dress, and then while unfolding it, became dissatisfied and glued a faux-stained glass breastplate to my chest.

Also, her shoes confuse me visually and I’m pettily resentful of it.

[Photo via Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com]