Though I have previously noted my decided love for Las Vegas and all its absurdity, I don’t buy into the idea that you always need to look sexy when you go out there. Sure, wearing something that makes you feel snazzy is always nice, whether it’s jeans and boots or a dress so tight you decide to put Spanx on your internal organs, but it’s not necessary. Nevertheless, when walking a red carpet and hosting something like TAO Nightclub at The Venetian, as Rita Ora did this weekend, you’re kind of expected to wear an outfit not resembling a pillowcase, as Rita Ora did this weekend.

The dress has beautiful colors, certainly, but it looks like how I imagine a William & Sonoma and Hot Topic collaboration would be: full of Sailor Jerry-esque art, some skulls and 800-threat count cloth. It’d be one thing if all the components matched, but the necklace and bracelets are a shade of turquoise that, while pretty, clashes with the cobalt of the dress’ pattern. The gold of her purse and shirt clash with her hair, as well as the matte beige boots that look like they came from a sorority girl’s last minute Pocahantas costume on Halloween.

Plus, her makeup and hair were all off. Normally, I really love Ora’s red lipstick/blonde hair combo; I think she almost always looks incredibly glamorous and put together without being over-the-top. Here, however, it seems that her lipstick is slightly outside of her natural lip line, her brows are harsher than usual and the hair is all over the place.


I usually find Rita Ora to have great style, but in this case, she made me roll my eyes at how boring and ridiculous this whole style is. While this look might (might) fly for an extremely casual day out — and even then, the shoes and accessories would look silly — it doesn’t feel right for wearing to host anything.

Photos: DJDM/WENN.com